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Verdino: Award-Winning Plant Based Meats

Voted "Best Faux Meat Sausage": Plant-Based Taste Awards 2021

Unfished: Plant on the plate, not fish

You can love seafood and save the ocean. Unfished lets fish be fish and puts plant-based seafood on your plate.

We are Verdino Green Foods

Verdino Green Foods is a forward-looking, uncompromising food manufacturing company from Transylvania, Romania.

With innovation and quality at the heart of our mission, we have developed a versatile plant-based range of meat, fish and dairy alternatives.

Each of our brands reflects our commitment to manufacture better foods from better ingredients - always with the environment in mind.

Responsible Manufacturing

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We Value:

Continuous innovation

We’re passionate about the future of food and aim to not only understand, but also contribute to what’s on the horizon in food discoveries. Our research and testing facilities enable us to stay connected to new consumer tastes and preferences, embracing new food trends as they emerge.

Complete solutions

We want every customer to enjoy a variety of plant-based products, vegetable alternatives to meat, fish, cheeses and ready meals, that is why we have created a complete portfolio that targets both the retail and HoReCa channels.

Flawless taste

We’re taste enthusiasts whose ultimate ambition is to create the “perfect bite”. We strive for that ideal combination of ingredients and craft that make the morsel on your fork truly exceptional, flavorful, and deliciously satisfying.

Environmental responsibility

We care deeply about the environment and embrace a conscientious approach to food manufacturing. Our portfolio is dedicated to plant-based foods that put less stress on the Planet.

Verdino Foodservice

When it comes to plant-based, we are your ideal supply partner. We offer a broad range of flavoursome vegan meat, fish and dairy alternatives. Taste, texture and succulence you won't believe at a price you won't expect.

We are Verdino Green Foods

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