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What we Eat can

Change the World

We all care for our environment, for the world around us. The impacts of climate change are here, and what we eat can have a negative - or a positive - impact upon our planet.

Meat is a resource-hungry thing to produce. One kilo uses 18,500 liters of water and 80 kilos of carbon dioxide (CO2). If we make food from plants we can greatly reduce this impact! One kilo of peas - our base protein source - consumes 87% less water and 90% less carbon dioxide (CO2).

How can we reduce the impact of climate change?

Every day, people are becoming more and more aware of the impact of their behavior and choices on nature and the environment and the need for change. More cycling, more recycling and more electric cars are making a difference.

What we eat also has a major impact on the well-being of yourself and the planet! Plant-based foods are making a growing contribution to preserving our natural resources, managing climate threats, reducing carbon footprints, by being inherently more environmentally sustainable.

Plant-Based food has shaped the diets of those looking to reduce their consumption of animal products and their own negative impact on the Planet. Here at Verdino Green Foods we want to help consumers with this mission by creating more interesting foods so that more meals can be eaten plant-based.

Altruism and Empathy


We believe that involvement and responsibility within the community is essential to give meaning to our business.


We know that issues such as the competition for limited resources and the demographic changes affect the people and are not just going to go away. We define our psychology of sustainability and sustainable development as a primary prevention perspective that can foster wellbeing at all the different levels going from the workers to the Board of Directors, and to interorganizational processes.

Food Safety

The links between the Food Industry and the science, technology, logistics and management disciplines require us to make the standard-setting procedures and processes for quality and safety at both, national and international levels.


Contributing to a sustainable society development is written in our DNA. To reach our sustainability goals, we continuously develop our ambitions in dialogue with our stakeholders including customers, consumers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, and representatives of the community. But above all we aim to ensure for them powerful commitment and strong partnership.
We are proud to highlight that our governance strategy includes Employees, Business ethics and human rights.