Plant on the plate, not fish

Hey! Friends! Let’s leave the fish alone!

You can love seafood AND save the ocean. It has become a clear fact that our seas have a decreasing fish population due to overfishing, multiple species of fish in the oceans are already gone. Unfished lets fish be fish and puts plant-based seafood on your plate: less overfishing, more biodiversity, a more sustainable food system for future generations. For the vegan to the omnivore and anything in between, we’ve got plant-based seafood that’s harm-free and nutrient-packed. Let us take you by surprise with our flawless textures and rich tastes for a delicious experience.

Join our mission to leave the fish in the ocean and taste the future!

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Plant-Based Fish Alternatives

We are hooked!

The posibilities for creating new plant-based alternatives to seafood are as endless as the southern ocean!

The Plantuna


You've been schooled!

Spread the word, it is unbelievable

The Spread


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We say “o-fish-ally” is the best fishless salad

The Plantuna Salad