Mouth-Watering For You,
A Lifeline For The Planet!


Since we first recognised the potential of the humble pea and put the abilities of pea proteins to the test the results have been beyond even our expectations. Now, with Verdino, people can enjoy the same familiar sensations and flavours of sausages, burgers, meatballs and deli meats but from an entirely plant-based source. Our breadth of products means that you never have to miss out by choosing a plant-based diet.

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100% Plant-Based.

100% Delicious.

100% Soy Free.


The power of peas

Delicious plant-based alternatives

Great Taste. No Compromise.


Peas Are The Future

Choosing a plant-based diet needn’t mean compromising on any front - taste, texture or variety. You can still enjoy all your favourite flavours with a pea protein base.

Are You Ready To Taste The Future?

Here's everything you need to know about peas!

It has a small carbon footprint.

It’s environmentally friendly.

It's not fertilized, so it doesn’t cause allergies.

Low in fat (~ 2%).

Consumes little water in the growing process.

It’s not processed with solvents.